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Heat Packs

Ease discomfort and promote relaxation with Therapeutic Pillows' Heat Packs. Designed to increase blood flow and oxygenation, these packs aid in injury recovery and muscle relaxation. Crafted with Australian Lupins for superior performance, our heat packs offer versatile heat therapy for various conditions.

Soothe and Relax your Muscles with Natural Lupin Heat Packs

Designed to encourage blood flow and increase oxygen to the affected areas, our heat packs are a favourite amongst those suffering from discomfort and for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to help with injury and muscle recovery. Our lupin heat bags are not just therapeutic but also a great addition to your daily relaxation routine.

We prefer a lupin filling rather over the wheat packs and wheat bags as the lupin grain stays drier, is less likely to spoil and can be used for cooling as well as heating. These heat packs are ideal for muscle pain, inflammation, and relaxation or on any chilly night to warm your body. Our range of heat packs is Australian Made from Natural Australian Lupins, a safe option perfect for anyone seeking effective heat therapy.

Heat Packs Sizes and Shapes for Every Part of your Body

Crafted with eco-friendliness in mind, each pack contains 100% Australian lupin grains, ensuring an allergy-free and odourless experience. Emphasizing quality and comfort, these Lupin heat bags meet the highest quality standards, and the cotton options enhance the comfort and hygiene for you. 
Suitable for both hot and cold therapy, they can be safely and easily heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer, providing an effective and soothing treatment for various conditions. 

Australian-Made Lupin Heat Packs to Ease Multiple Health Conditions

Our range of Natural Lupin Heat Packs provides a holistic approach to muscle and joint health. Whether you're dealing with neck, shoulder, or back pain, or conditions such as migraines, or sleep disturbances, our heat therapy products offer relief and comfort.

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