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Pregnancy & Maternity Supports & Wedges

Experience support and comfort throughout your pregnancy journey with Therapeutic Pillow's Pregnancy Supports, Maternity Supports, and Pregnancy Wedges. Designed to alleviate pressure, discomfort, and promote side sleeping, our range ensures optimal spinal alignment and improved sleep quality. Choose from a variety of pillows tailored to every stage and sleeping position for a restful night's sleep.

Be Supported on your Pregnancy Journey with Maternity Wedges and Supports  

Improve your sleep quality by sleeping on your side, reduce tossing and turning, and help maintain spinal alignment through your pregnancy journey. During pregnancy your body changes and you may experience some pressure and discomfort too, leading to a decrease in sleep quality. Therapeutic Pillow has more than 50 years of experience providing Australian mothers with maternity pillow and pressure relief solutions from a thoughtfully created range of products for expectant mothers. 

A Pregnancy Pillow for every Stage and Sleeping Position: From Full-Body Support to more Focused Comfort 

Whether you choose a full body support, prefer a compact maternity pillow or a contoured support to encourage side sleeping, our range has the best pregnancy pillows for everyone. So, every mother to be can find the best match for a restful night's sleep. The Best Pregnancy Pillow and Wedge supports  While pregnant, side sleeping is the recommended position to reduce the strain from your lower back and hips and let your baby grow while you rest. Our Pregnancy Support Wedge is designed to provide targeted support and comfort when in the side sleeping position. Our range of pregnancy pillows, wedges and feeding pillows have been designed to last throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

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