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Feeding Pillows

Discover the ideal companion for your nursing journey with our versatile range of feeding pillows. Crafted to provide optimal support and comfort for both parent and baby, these pillows are essential for every new caregiver. Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, our feeding pillows offer numerous benefits to make feeding time effortless.

Feeding your Baby Properly

The Easy Feed Pillow stands out with its shape, providing more surface area for the baby's head and optimal support for the mum's arm. The adjustable poly-fill inner allows customizing the feeding pillow's plumpness for comfort and support, accessible via an easy zip. 

The Banana Pillow, with its unique shape, offers versatile support, wrapping around your waist to bring your baby to the ideal feeding position. This feeding pillow for newborns is easily adjustable to suit various seating arrangements, making it perfect for use anywhere from your bed to the couch.  

Cuddle Up Body Pillow, a full-body support miracle, is especially beneficial during pregnancy and post-birth for breastfeeding. Its large size envelops your body, providing essential support to your back and arms, and elevates your baby to the perfect feeding height, helping prevent posture-related discomfort.  

Keeping your Pillow Clean and Hygienic

Protecting your baby’s health is the utmost priority during this period of the baby’s life. When nursing, accidents can happen, like spills. These spills can damage your Nursing Pillows affecting your Baby’s health. Our tailored pillowcases are designed to keep your pillow clean and hygienic.

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