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Arm Supports & Wedges

Enhance circulation and recovery with Therapeutic Pillow's Arm Supports and Wedges. Ideal for post-arm surgery or conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, they're adjustable for sitting or lying down. Lightweight and waterproof, they're suitable for various settings. With Steri-Plus covers, they're hygienic and comfortable for a safe recovery journey.

Improved Circulation with Arm Support and Wedges 

Incorporating Arm Supports and Wedges during your recovery post arm surgery can speed up the healing process while reducing discomfort. Designed in consultation with Health Professionals these products are ideal for those recovering from arm surgery, hand surgery, or wrist surgery. They can also help assist dealing with conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Repetitive Strain Injury.  Lightweight, portable, and waterproof; these supports are suitable for use in various settings, from age care centres, hospitals to your home.

Arm and Hand Supports you can adjust by changing position and height.

Arm Positioning Support: products tailored to assist those recovering from arm surgery, hand surgery, or wrist surgery. The adaptable design allows for use in multiple positions, accommodating both sitting and lying down postures. This support effectively elevates the arm, enhances blood circulation and provides essential comfort. Hand Positioning Support: specialized support for the hand and wrist, aiding those recuperating from surgeries or injuries. These supports are adjustable, waterproof, and easy to clean, making them suitable for use in multiple environments, including hospitals and homes.  

Steri-Plus Waterproof Hand and Arm Supports for a Hygienic and Comfortable Recovery 

While recovering from surgery spills can occur damaging your support. The soft to the touch, moisture and bacteria-resistant Steri-Plus creates an additional layer of comfort of protection.  This hospital grade fabric is easy to wipe clean, and can withstand regular cleaning solutions, ensuring you enjoy not only a comfortable arm cushion, but a safe one.

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