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Travel Pillows

Going on a trip? Don't let the dread of uncomfortable sleep dampen your excitement. Hotel pillows can be a hit or miss - from too soft to too hard and everything in between. When you take your own contour travel pillow, you can be guaranteed a good night's sleep, no matter where you are. They're perfect for keeping your neck and shoulders feeling good while away and as they are smaller than regular pillows they’re also easier to pack!

Travel Pillows: Take the comfort of home on the road

Travel in comfort with our compact range of Travel Pillows. From adjustable designs like the Complete Sleeprrr to cooling gel technology in the MemoGel Butterfly, we offer orthopaedic support for every journey. Enjoy a good night's sleep wherever you go, ensuring comfort and relaxation on the road.

Compact Comfort: Travel Pillows for the Smart Traveler

Travelling light doesn't mean compromising on comfort. Our travel pillows are cleverly designed to be portable versions of our bestselling full-size pillows. The Complete Sleeprrr Travel Pillow packs all the adjustable features of its standard size into a travel friendly alternative. For those who love the feel of latex, our Naturelle Latex Travel Pillow is available in the same three heights as its standard size option. Our MemoGel Butterfly Pillow, with its cooling gel technology, is a must have to keep you comfortable in warmer climates. The Traveller Neck Pillow is made with high quality visco elastic memory foam. This material adapts to your unique shape while providing unwavering support, making it ideal for long periods of sitting or overnight travels.

From flight to road: Contour travel pillows for every need

No matter your mode of travel, plane, train, or car, our travel pillows are designed for every journey. These orthopaedic travel pillows are designed to cater to everyone, whether you're struggling with neck pain from a long flight or seeking a better sleep posture on a road trip.

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