Contour Pillows

A Contour Pillow will Provide Neck Support for Correct Spinal Alignment

Boasting a contoured design that adapts to the natural curve of the head, neck, and shoulders, contour pillows deliver comfort and support to all body shapes and sizes. Also referred to as orthopaedic or neck pillows, these contoured neck pillows are the preferred choice for relieving any neck or shoulder pain. The contours keep the head and neck aligned with the spine, reducing shoulder compression for side sleepers. This helps maintain open airways, decrease snoring, and facilitate breathing during sleep.


Optimal Spinal Support: Contour Pillows and Adjustable Contour Pillows 

Contour memory foam pillows and latex contour pillows are crafted to fit or 'contour' various body parts, providing optimal support and comfort while also being helpful for specific medical conditions. Contour pillows are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes and to cater to the different body shapes of the intended users.

Some contour pillows are adjustable, enabling users to achieve a perfect fit for their body shape and size. Others may feature a cooling gel layer to regulate body temperature or a textured surface to enhance airflow and breathability.

Contoured Pillows promote Correct Spine Alignment for Easier Breathing

The contoured design ensures that the head and neck are adequately cushioned and supported during sleep, helping to open airways and encourage healthy breathing patterns. Side sleeping is promoted, snoring is minimised, and neck and shoulder stress and muscle stiffness are alleviated.

Therapeutically contoured, the Complete Sleeprrr Original pillow includes two easily removable and adjustable inserts that enable you to modify the pillow's shape and height to suit your comfort and postural needs. This eliminates the risk of your pillow being too high, too low, too firm, or too soft. The pillow is encased in a 'breathable' open-weave removable pillow slip.

Australian-Made Pillows. Designed by Health Professionals

Our contour pillow range is primarily Australian made and all our contour pillows are assembled locally. Designed in collaboration with Australian health professionals our products support correct spinal alignment and offer therapeutic benefits for various health conditions. Whether you suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, overheating, night sweats, migraines, sleep apnoea, snoring, or a variety of other ailments - we will have a pillow to assist you.

Our contour pillow range accommodates all types of sleepers. Whether you are a side sleeper (the recommended sleeping position) or prefer sleeping on your back, we will have the option to fulfill your unique needs. We do however discourage tummy sleeping due to the stress it puts on your neck and spine. We recommend trying one of our contoured pillows designed to encourage side sleeping. However, if that's not an option, our selection of low-profile and adjustable pillows can help minimise issues associated with tummy sleeping.

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