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Allergy Sensitive Pillows

Enjoy uninterrupted sleep with our allergy sensitive pillows designed to repel allergens and provide superior comfort. The Allergy Sensitive pillow repels dust mites and bacteria, while the Naturelle Latex Pillow offers customisable support and hypoallergenic properties. Wake up refreshed and breathe easier with these specialised pillows for allergy sufferers.

Sleep sound and breathe easier with allergy sensitive pillows 

A good night's sleep can be difficult for allergy sufferers and at Therapeutic Pillow we have carefully crafted a range of specialty pillows including the Allergy Sensitive Pillow and the Naturelle Latex Pillow range, specifically curated to reduce allergens, reduce snoring and enhance your overall sleep quality.  

Sleep better and feel better with our allergy sensitive pillows 

The Allergy Sensitive Pillow is ideal for allergy sensitive sleepers, specially made to repel bacteria, dust mites and allergens. It offers an excellent blend of support and softness, making it ideal for side and back sleepers. With the combination of polyester and microfibre, our allergy sensitive pillow provides a super soft feel. The pillow's design is created to increase airflow contributing to a fresh, breathable sleeping environment.  
The Naturelle Latex Pillow is an adjustable option designed to adapt to your body, providing not just comfort but also the right support. Its hypoallergenic properties and breathable structure make it a top choice for a clean, healthy sleep environment.

A more restful night with anti-allergy pillows 

Whether it's the allergen repelling features of the Allergy Sensitive pillow or the customisable support of the Naturelle Latex Pillow, this range caters to your unique sleep needs. Rest easy knowing your sleep environment is designed for your health and comfort. Use a Therapeutic Pillows Allergy Sensitive Pillow to enjoy uninterrupted, allergy free sleep every night and wake up feeling rejuvenated

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