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Bed Sheets

Experience comfort and protection with Therapeutic Pillows' waterproof bed sheets. Designed for those needing hypoallergenic and waterproof bedding, these sheets offer reliable protection against spills and allergies. Crafted with Miracle Layer™ and Tencel™, they provide softness and temperature regulation for a peaceful night's sleep.

Experience Better Comfort and Bedding Protection with Our Waterproof Bed Sheets Collection

Our collection of discreet, waterproof bed sheets are designed to provide both exceptional comfort and reliable protection. Ideal for anyone needing waterproof or hypoallergenic bedding, these sheets are the perfect choice for people suffering from incontinence, recovering from surgery or with a dust-mite allergy. These high-quality bed sheets will provide you with a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Fusion Tencel Bed Sheet Advantage: Comfort and Allergy Defence

The Miracle Layer™ seals and ensures that the sheets don't let water through, while maintaining that feel soft, comfortable, making them great for anyone who might have bedwetting or bladder issues. It’s the ideal bed sheet for asthma sufferers, thanks to this layer that protects against dust mites causing allergies.  
The Tencel™ waterproof bed sheet is soft to the touch, feels gentle on your skin, and helps you stay cool or warm as needed for a good night's sleep while preventing leaks. 
The Smartcel™ Sensitive manufacturing process includes zinc oxide in the sheet's threads, a mineral known for its healing properties, making your skin look better and reducing odours and bacteria.

A Bed Sheet Collection for a Safe Sleeping Night

The Fusion Tencel Fitted Sheets are designed with innovative features to enhance your sleep experience. Available in various bed sizes, our bed sheet sets are tailored to provide you with a peaceful, protected, and supremely comfortable sleep every night. Choose our bed sheets for a combination of comfort and protection, ensuring every night is as restful as possible.

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