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Cooling Packs

Find relief from pain and discomfort with Therapeutic Pillows' Cooling Packs. Our Natural Lupin Cooling Packs offer targeted relief for injuries, muscle relaxation, and cooling down after workouts. Made with Australian Lupin, these packs provide effective temperature reduction without the discomfort of ice packs.

Ease discomfort and Reduce Inflammation with Natural Lupin Cooling Packs 

If you are seeking effective relief from pain, soreness, or heat; our Natural Lupin Cooling packs can target the affected areas – just like an ice pack - to help your injury recovery, muscle relaxation, or just help you cool down after a fitness session. 
Our Australian Lupin filled packs are odourless, moisture resistant, and will help reduce your temperature for the chosen part of your body. The lupin range also does not feel as cold on the skin as ice so should be more comfortable to use and reduce the likelihood of “ice burn”. 

Natural Lupin Cooling Packs or Ice Packs? 

Discover the benefits of our cooling Lupin Packs, renowned for their 'low allergy' properties as an excellent alternative to traditional wheat based packs, or the gels used in ice packs. Our Cooling Packs are filled with Natural Australian Lupins, safe to use and environmentally safe to dispose.  

Targeted Pain Relief with Lupin Cooling Packs  

The Lupin Cold Pack is designed to assist with pain management and reduce inflammation reduction. These packs help with arthritis, sports injuries, and aid recovery after fitness sessions by utilising the natural benefit of frozen lupin grain. This ensures deep, consistent cold therapy, offering targeted relief and is not uncomfortable 
Available in 100% cotton or Corduroy fabric, both are durable, soft to the touch, and easy to maintain. Perfect for heat discomfort such as hot flushes and sunburn, or simply for a refreshing cool sensation.  These packs take advantage of the superior temperature-holding capacity of natural Australian lupin grain.   

Versatile, Natural Healing with Lupin Ice Packs  

Lupin Cooling packs can be stored in the Fridge/Freezer for Cold Therapy and can be heated in a microwave and used as Microwavable Heat Packs. Available in multiple sizes to cover small to larger body parts, or customised shapes to cover the shoulder or hip, these Cooling Packs can be cooled, or heated at an anytime you need them. 

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