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Pommel Cushions

Enhance wheelchair comfort and posture with Therapeutic Pommel Cushions. The Diffuser Pommel Cushion promotes hip alignment, while the Angled Pommel Wedge prevents sliding with memory foam support. Both cushions feature Steri-Plus fabric for hygiene and durability. Experience improved seating comfort and posture with our innovative pommel cushions.

Best Cushion for use in Wheelchair: Therapeutic Pommel Cushions 

Whether you have mobility issues, health condition, or just recovering from a surgery and must remain seated in a wheelchair for long periods, sliding can occur causing poor posture resulting in back pain. These cushions will provide comfort while improving posture, preventing sliding, and ensuring better positioning for those who spend extended periods seated.  

Pommel Cushions with Innovative Design for Optimal Support 

Diffuser Pommel Cushion features a unique pommel design for slight hip abduction, promoting proper hip alignment and distributing pressure evenly. TheraMed Angled Pommel Wedge is designed to prevent wheelchair users from sliding forward. Its high-density memory foam core and rounded foam pommel provide stability and comfort while also diffusing pressure.  
Both cushions are available in Steri-Plus fabric, a waterproof material with moisture and bacteria-resistant properties, ensuring hygiene and ease of maintenance. The cushions are made from high-quality foam, ensuring comfort, hygiene and durability. 

Improved Seating Comfort with Pommel Cushions  

This Pommel Wedge Cushion range will improve your comfort in a wheelchair. Whether you need support for better posture, to prevent sliding, or simply to enjoy a more comfortable seat, our Pommel Cushions for wheelchairs are ready to meet your needs. Explore our range today and feel the difference a well designed pommel cushion can make for you.  

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