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Neck Traction Pillows

Experience relief from neck pain and improve your spinal alignment with our Neck Traction Pillows. Designed to cradle your neck and gently stretch the spine, these pillows promote proper alignment and alleviate discomfort. Benefit from reduced tension, headaches and improved sleep quality. Upgrade to a Neck Traction Pillow for a refreshed and pain free morning.

Relief for peck pain and spinal alignment 

Many things can cause neck pain and stiffness but mostly it is related to your head position and spine alignment when sleeping. Our range of contoured neck pillows are the perfect way to ease tension and achieve a restful night’s sleep. 
Whether you suffer from chronic neck pain, are recovering from an injury or simply need more support during sleep, these pillows are engineered to enhance your sleeping experience and promote spinal health.  

Sleep Well, Live Better: The benefits of neck traction pillows 

The TheraMed Traction Pillow combines high density Australian made memory foam with polyester fibre filling to create a unique V-shaped design that offers effective neck traction by gently lifting and stretching the head away from the shoulders, helping to alleviate neck pain and improve spinal alignment during sleep. Our Dual Zone Memory Foam Pillow is specifically crafted for individuals with long necks and features a dual layered design of luxurious memory foam and supportive traditional foam, with adjustable height for personalised comfort.  

Benefit from a Neck Traction Pillow 

These Neck Traction Pillows are not just about physical support; they are about improving your overall wellbeing. By aligning your spine and reducing neck strain, these pillows can help alleviate headaches, migraines and reduce symptoms of Sleep Apnoea and snoring. Above all these pillows will help stretch your neck and shoulders and reduce tension to those areas.  

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