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TheraMed Gel Mattress Pad

cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
cooling gel mattress pad, gel mattress pad
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Sleep Comfortably on hot nights with a Memory Gel Cooling Mattress Pad

Every person deserves the luxury of a cool, comfortable good night sleep, no matter what the weather is like or the body conditions they are experiencing.

This necessity for relaxation and rejuvenation inspired the creation of the MemoGel Mattress Pad, a remarkable innovation designed to enhance comfort by maintaining optimum body temperature throughout your rest.

The brilliance of the Memory Gel Mattress Pad lies in its simplicity. It is a versatile, easy-to-use gel mattress pad that can be rolled out on any existing mattress. It does not require any specialised set-up. Just roll it out, and it's ready to offer you a cooler, more restful sleep experience. It preserves the comfort of your current mattress while adding the unique feature of a cooling gel overlay, providing unparalleled support and temperature regulation.

Individuals facing hot sleeping temperatures, hot flushes, menopause, or undergoing treatments like surgical or radiation therapies often struggle to achieve comfortable, restful sleep. Even those who naturally sleep hot, or reside in warmer climates, can find a blissful night's sleep elusive. The Memory Gel Mattress Pad is designed with these scenarios in mind, serving as a lifesaver in ensuring cool, comfortable, and uninterrupted sleep.

The Secret of the Cooling Gel Pad for a Comfortable Night 

The magic lies in the cooling gel layer of the MemoGel Mattress Pad. This layer uses conduction to draw out heat from the body and into the overlay. This results in the body feeling cooler as heat is naturally transferred away from it.

It's important to understand that while the MemoGel Mattress Pad is not powered electrically, it can maintain its cooling effect with user movement. Even though the mattress pad may eventually reach body temperature, any slight repositioning will reactivate its cooling properties.

The heat dissipation continues naturally throughout the night. You'll experience the most significant cooling effect when first getting into bed, and it's precisely during this period—when you're trying to fall asleep—that maintaining a cool body temperature is most crucial.

A Safe and Easy to Use Mattress Gel Pad

The MemoGel Mattress Pad is user-friendly and safe. It is designed to lay directly on top of your mattress, with a non-slip backing ensuring it stays in place throughout the night. It's essential to remember not to use the product in conjunction with an electric blanket, as it is specifically designed for cooling. During colder months the overlay can be you can effortlessly rolled up and stored until warmth once again becomes a concern.

Enhancing Your Sleep Experience

Heat issues can lead to discomfort and fatigue. Hot flashes and night sweats disrupt the continuity of your sleep, leaving you feeling unrested in the morning. The MemoGel cooling pad aims to eliminate these issues, offering an optimal cooling comfort that balances out body temperature by drawing heat into the gel pad from the body.

Once absorbed, the Cooling Gel actively disperses the heat via a process of conduction, providing cooling pressure relief. The primary benefit of the MemoGel Cooling Gel layer is its effective cooling and excellent comfort support. If you find the cooling effect too intense, you can limit or negate the cooling process by adding extra layers of bedding, such as mattress protectors or thicker sheets, over the top of the MemoGel Pad.

The MemoGel Mattress Pad is the perfect choice for refreshing, comfortable sleep when heat becomes an issue. Experience the difference today.

Please note that all mattress toppers cannot be sent to a PO Box or parcel locker. 

Cooling Pressure Relief

The fundamental benefit of the MemoGel Cooling Gel layer is is that it cools effectively and gives excellent comfort support. If the item is too cool for the user, the cooling process can be limited or negated entirely by simply applying extra layers of bedding, such as mattress protectors and thicker sheeting, over the top of the MemoGel Pad.

Please make note that - all mattress toppers cannot be sent to a PO Box or parcel locker. 

Made in Australia, Family Owned

Made in Australia, Family Owned

Therapeutic Pillow is a family-owned and operated business, celebrating 50 years of excellence. We adhere to world-class manufacturing, health, and safety standards, showcasing our commitment to quality as a proud Australian-owned company.
Health Professional

Designed with Health Professionals

We consult with Australian health practioners to design products that provide relief from discomfort caused by a range of health conditions.


Size Single
Filling Gel Liquid
Accessory No Accessory
Dimensions 185 x 90 x 5 cm
Size King Single
Filling Gel Liquid
Accessory No Accessory
Dimensions 200 x 107 x 5 cm
Size Double
Filling Gel Liquid
Accessory No Accessory
Dimensions 185 x 135 x 5 cm
Size Queen
Filling Gel Liquid
Accessory No Accessory
Dimensions 200 x 150 x 5 cm
Size King
Filling Gel Liquid
Accessory No Accessory
Dimensions 203 x 185 x 5 cm


NDIS Registered Provider
Hypoallergenic Foam
Australian Spinal Research Foundation Supporter
TAC Product Provider

Care Instructions

Inner: Do not immerse in water. Dab clean with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat away from direct sunlight.



Product Brochure
Fast Delivery Australia Wide

Fast Delivery
Australia Wide

Designed and Recommended by Health Professional

Designed and Recommended
by Health Professional

Rated 5 Stars on Feefo in 2021

Rated 5 Stars on
Feefo in 2021

Registered NDIS provider

Registered NDIS

95% of our Products Made in Australia

95% of our Products
Made in Australia

Customer Reviews Customer Reviews

Service Rating : Super fast delivery!

Product : Purchased the Gel mattress topper as I've been 'sleeping hot' and need to find some relief (not sure if it's 'the change' or another reason). You can DEFINITELY feel the cooling from the topper. Unfortunately, I am still sleeping hot and the hot spot my body leaves on the bed is still very annoying when I sleep. The upside however, is that now when I roll off the hot spot I have a nice cool section of bed to lie on which is cooling me down better and faster than when I didn't have the topper there before. This also means that although my sleep is still interrupted, I am actually sleeping a bit better, so I'll take this one as a small win :-)

22 Jan 2024

Service Rating : The service was excellent and I received the product efficiently ... no problems at all with this company!

Product : Although the service is wonderful, and the product (cooling mat for mattress topper) LOOKS fantastic, the product is rather ineffective in keeping me cool as I sleep (in summer in Queensland). It feels great initially, but quickly heats up as my body temperature transfers heat to the mat ... and then it retains this heat, so even if I hopped off the mat, it is still warm 20-30 minutes later.

27 Oct 2023

Service Rating : Quick delivery

Product : I have stopped having sleepless nights tossing and turning because I feel too hot in summer.Is so nice and cooling while sleeping.Now I have finally a great nights sleep.Better for my health too.

18 Oct 2023
We're proud to produce Qualtity Australian Made Products since 1974

Quality Australian Made products since 1973

As a family-owned enterprise with a rich history spanning over five decades, we take pride in our Australian heritage and manufacturing legacy. At Therapeutic Pillow Australia, we stand as the forefront leader in crafting premium pillows, supports, cushions, and comfort items. Our commitment extends to serving both Healthcare Practitioners and the broader Australian community with unparalleled quality and reliability.

Questions & Answers

Absolutely. The topper will not move once in position.
The gel pad can definitely feel a bit cold in winter. Many choose to remove it and roll it up and store during the colder months. The gel pad is reasonably easy to remove.
Yes , you will still have the cooling effect. The pad will warm after a while then cool down as you roll off.
We have been making these for around 6 years and havent seen any issues with the gel solidifying. It is a semi liquid form when made and seems to stay that way permanently from what we can view and our feedback.
I don't believe so. We have not had any feedback re any noise.
Hot flushes, also known as hot flashes, are typically caused by hormonal fluctuations, particularly a decrease in estrogen levels, commonly experienced during menopause. These hormonal changes can disrupt the body's ability to regulate temperature. The hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for controlling body temperature, becomes more sensitive to slight changes in body temperature. When it senses your body is too warm, it initiates a hot flush to cool down, resulting in the sudden feeling of heat, often accompanied by sweating and a red, flushed appearance, particularly around the face and neck.
Thank you for your enquiry. Our Theramed Cooling Gel Mattress Pads are designed to provide cooling relief to get to sleep comfortably. Please note that body heat does transfer if you remain in one spot and you will need to move around to find cooler spots if required throughout the night.
The product should help somewhat but would like to discuss which size you are looking at using as to be beneficial you need to be able to move to different parts of the mattress to start the cooling effect.
It should definitely help with initial cooling and then by changing position during the night (ie rolling over) the gel effect should continue to cool during the night. If you like the feel of your mattress then you definitely do not need memory topper to go with it.
The product conducts heat very well meaning that it will draw warmth out of your body and into the pad. That is what gives you the cooling feel of the product.
Product should be able to take any weight capacity so long as the mattress underneath is supportive. There is not set warranty on the product but if used with a protective fitted sheet then it should last many many years. If an issue with product we can always sort it out for customer. Most important is not to pierce it with anything sharp.
The Gel Pad is suitable for all ages and can be rolled up and stored when not in use.
Just a damp cloth to gently wipe any marks. We also suggest a mattress protector
We suggest putting the pad under the sheet.
Quite Simply the Gel Layer uses Conduction to transition heat out of the body and into the overlay. The result is the body will feel cooler as heat is transferred naturally. It is worth noting that the mattress will eventually reach body temperature as the product is not powered electrically but the cooling effect can begin once again as soon as user moves position slightly. Dissipation of heat will occur naturally during the night. The most significant cooling effect will occur when user is first going to bed and getting to sleep in a cool manner is most important.
This is completely safe for everyone to use. The product contains non toxic silica gel in the membrane so even if there were to be a tear - which we have never had - there would be no risk of any toxicity. Happy to help with further questions at any time should you have any.
We recommend you roll the mattress pad with the gel layer on the inside. This will protect the gel layer.
We highly recommend to use a waterproof protector on top to protect the pad. Only small amounts of fluid may be wiped down if no protector is used.
Yes , you will still receive the cooling effect through the sheet. The pad will warm as you lie on it and cool down as you move to another spot.
The gel pad is approximately 2cm thick. I am not sure how it would compare to a woollen blanket but the way it works is being a liquid gel it conducts heat quicker than non liquids meaning it will draw heat out of the body quite quickly and effectively early and then over time will warm up to body temperature. By rolling onto a new part of the mattress the process will start again. Only time it doesn't seem to work really effectively is when you are in a single bed and room to move is limited.
Definitely use a sheet or fitted sheet over the top of the gel pad to keep it clean and also to keep it more comfortable. The cooling aspect will still work just fine with a layer or two between you and the gel pad.
The cooling overlay is not noisy at all and is made of silica gel that has a thin plastic layer over the top of it. The product works as the gel absorbs heat from the body thereby felling cooler than a traditional surface. It will eventually warm up to body temperature but by rolling onto a different part of the product it will begin the process again. Product works best when used on a bed where there is room to move.
We would suggest using this product under just a fitted sheet to ensure that maximum cooling can be provided. Please note that this product is not powered and works by absorbing the heat from the person laying on it. If you are looking for a permanent cooling mattress topper we would suggest looking for an alternative powered option.
Unfortunately, due to the size of this product, we wouldn't be able to send this order with Australia Post. It would be sent with a courier called Direct Freight and would need to be sent to a residential address as they are unable to deliver to Post Offices.
Yes, we would suggest using this topper underneath your fitted sheet.
For ln term use we would suggest researching a powered cooling blanket. This product works by drawing out your body heat when pressure is applied. Meaning that the product will heat up if used for longer period of time.
We would suggest looking into a powered source for cooling relief as this product works based on pressure. If the mattress itself is causing the heat, this topper would not be suitable.
This product can be used in conjunction with an electric bed however, the constant bend across the center can cause premature wear.
The Gel Cooling Mattress Topper will help to provide some cooling relief while you sleep. As this is not a powered cooling source it will naturally heat up with your body after longer periods of time.The way the cooling effect works is that as you move around the topper, it will disperse your body heat throughout the gel topper.
This product definitely can be taken overseas however, we cannot guarantee how well it will work in that kind of heat. This product is not powered and absorbs the heat from you when you are sleeping on it.
Unfortunately, the gel topper will not add the comfort you are looking for. We would suggest looking into the Body Huggar mattress topper with the egg foam shape.
The memory foam topper will naturally retain the heat of the person sleeping on it as it is a dense foam. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the gel would assist in this case as it works by absorbing the heat from the sleeper and often won't stay cold for extended periods of time.
As this product is not a powered option, there is no guarantee that it will keep cool overnight. The way this product works is by drawing out the from the body which will cause it to heat up. We would suggest looking for a powered alternative, much like an electric blanket.
We would suggest purchasing a smaller size than the mattress so that it only covers half of the bed.

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