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Best Christmas Gift Ideas For 2023

Christmas is just around the corner and what a year it has been! We deserve to pamper ourselves and loved ones with these gift ideas.

Christmas is getting closer and like a lot of people, you might be thinking where has the year gone? It’s time to get your Christmas gifts in order and we’re here to help. You may have found yourself wondering what presents you will buy for everyone.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered with our top 5 best gifts for Christmas. Make this Christmas extra special with our wide range of sleeping pillows, maternity pillows, back support products, travel pillows and comfort products. Make someone’s day great and help them to feel better.


1. Travel Pillows

Who doesn’t love travelling? Giving someone a travel pillow is a must, as they will appreciate the comfort on long flights interstate, road trips around the country or even an overnight stay in a hotel. It’s the perfect gift idea for this Christmas. The Travel Nut is one of our best sellers, as it provides quality additional support while on the go for both adults and children. Our range of travel pillows are great. Check them out to see what best works for your gift idea.

Nut traveller pillow


 2. Natural Pain and Stress Relief Heat Pack

Heat Therapy

If you spend all day on your feet, looking at a computer or caring for your children, you likely carry a great deal of tension in your muscles. The physical injuries caused by these daily stresses can be prevented naturally by using a lupin heat therapy product from Therapeutic Pillow. Heal your muscles naturally with Lupin Heat Therapy.

Therapeutic Pillows Lupin Heat Packs are made in Australia and are free from toxins. They are safe to use in microwaves and come in different sizes. It’s the natural way to relieve stress and pain. Easy to heat up, portable and applicable to any body part, this is one gift everyone will be fighting for.

Cooling Relief

A wonderful gift idea for these warmer months, stay comfortable with our Cooling relief mattress pads and pillows. If you have a friend who suffers from excess body heat, night sweats or generally sleeps hot, these gift ideas will provide the perfect gift to assist with better sleep.

From our Cooling Gel MemoGel Contour Pillow and Mattress Overlay to the Cooliow Cooling Pillow Pad, we have the cooling sleep products to cool down, rest well and relieve general aches like lower back pain. Made with natural silica-based Cooling Gel and premium Memory Foam, our cooling pillows and mattress overlays regulate optimal resting body temperatures.

Heat Pack

3. Children's Therapeutic Pillows

If you happen to be looking for a children's gift, we have a range of children's pillows that are clinically designed to support their growing bodies. It is important for kids to have a good night's sleep, so they have enough energy to learn and develop throughout the day.

We have a variety of pillows for each age group. Their First Pillow is aimed at children 1 – 3 years is a chiropractic-designed pillow made in Australia to be the best pillow when child are getting their first pillow. The pillow is GECA-certified with a 100% cotton cover and is designed to be the perfect height for your little ones' first pillow. We have a variety of pillows for children up to the age of 8+ years check out our children’s range here.

Pillows for kids

4. A New Contoured Sleeping Pillow

This is the place to look if you're seeking a pillow providing a good night’s sleep. Investing in a high-quality and supportive contour pillow helps to achieve the sort of restful sleep needed in order to enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle!

From our Memory Foam Pillows to our Natural Latex Pillows, our collection of contour pillows will give that lucky person the rest they need to be the best version of themselves the next day!

contour pillow

5. Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

The perfect Christmas gift especially for a pregnant wife or friend. We have an extensive range of body pillows to help find the right support and comfort. Over 96% of our products are Australian made offering a level of quality above most body pillows.

We offer a range of pillows for side sleeping, as recommended for mothers to be not to mention body pillows that can be adjusted for reading to watching television to sleeping. Browse our selection of body pillows for the best Christmas gift this year!

boy pillow

If you would like further information or help in choosing the best Christmas gift, please call us here at the office (03 8585 6686) we would love to help you.

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