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Therapeutic Pillows Partners with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for “Girls Day Out Event”

Embracing Warmth: Therapeutic Pillows and Community Support Light Up 'Girls Day Out' at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Melbourne, October 2023 – Therapeutic Pillows, a leading provider of comfort aids, has proudly donated 250 heat packs to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for their "Girls Day Out Event." This initiative is part of Therapeutic Pillows' commitment to giving back to the community, marking its 50th anniversary.

The "Girls Day Out Event" is a significant gathering hosted by the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, aimed at offering support and relief to patients undergoing cancer treatment. We are very proud to have been able to be involved in such a great cause.

The "Girls Day Out 2023" event at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre was an inspiring gathering filled with various activities. Participants engaged in beauty and wellness workshops received pampering sessions and had the opportunity to connect with others in similar situations. The event also included educational talks, providing valuable information and support for women undergoing cancer treatment. This day was not only about providing relief but also about fostering a sense of community and empowerment among the attendees. For more details on the event, please visit Girls Day Out 2023.

Natural Lupin heat packs
Therapeutic Pillows partners with Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre for "Girls day out event"

This year, Therapeutic Pillows celebrates its industry's five decades of excellence and compassion.

Our mission is to contribute positively to the community is reflected in their involvement in events like this.

Heat Therapy and Cancer Relief

Heat therapy can offer significant relief for cancer patients dealing with side effects from treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. The warmth from heat packs helps in relaxing muscles, thereby reducing pain and discomfort. It can also improve circulation, aiding in the healing process and providing a soothing effect. Additionally, the gentle heat can help alleviate joint stiffness and reduce stress, making it a comforting, non-invasive way to enhance overall comfort during the challenging journey of cancer treatment.

Heat therapy is a simple yet effective tool in the holistic care of cancer patients, and that's where we hope we can make some positive difference.

Support: The key to Cancer recovery

The importance of family and friends in the recovery journey of cancer patients cannot be overstated. Events like "Girls Day Out" offer a platform for such invaluable emotional support, enhancing the healing process. Therapeutic Pillows is honoured to be part of this supportive network.

“It was a very heart-warming experience. I shared it with my close friend who has been so supportive. Emily & Sarah were amazing sharing their craft & experiences. The generosity of the gift bags, people’s time and sharing their skills.”

“It was just what I needed, especially after the recent news that the cancer has spread.”

“To see my friend blossom in front of me, she looked tired and unwell when we arrived. Then she was transformed by the wonderful volunteers”

“A great job by organisers, sponsors, hospital staff and volunteers. Please keep up the good work.”

These were some of the comments and sentiments from the patients who attended the event, revealing the importance of our support during this hard process.

You can support Cancer Research efforts yourself!

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation is at the forefront of cancer research, tirelessly working towards advancements in the prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer. As Australia's only public hospital solely dedicated to cancer, the foundation's role is pivotal. They invite the community to join them in this noble cause. Contributions can be made through their donation portal: Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation Donation.

Therapeutic Pillows is proud to collaborate with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and looks forward to a future where their contributions can impact the lives of those battling cancer.

For more information contact:

Geraldine McDonald

Director, Prevention & Wellbeing

Peter MacCallum Centre

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