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Therapeutic Pillow, and the Parnham Group continue to support communities most in need.

As part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of The Therapeutic Pillow, the Parnham Group has decided to support the Pancare Foundation.

This month of January we have selected the Pancare Foundation as the recipient of our donations, and as part of our philosophy of "helping others...".

The Pancare Foundation is an entity destined to inspire Hope, create awareness and help the families of patients with gastro-intestinal cancer; one of the cancers with the lowest survival rate. The foundation's mission is to help patients and families navigate the health system, assist with education about the disease, surgery, treatments and can connect them into counseling, financial assistance, dietary help & exercise programs.

One of the frequent problems in the recovery process of patients operated on for this type of cancer is gastro-intestinal reflux, which slows down the healing process and comfort in the post-operative period.

Therapeutic Pillow, as a socially committed Australian company with the community has joined this cause, and has donated 8 bed wedges and a significant amount of heat packs for patients supported by the Pancare Foundation.

Our interest is to bring comfort and relieve to people suffering from Cancer, helping them and their families in their prompt recovery.

We understand the economic burden that this disease represents to their families, and the need for a helping hand; and as an Australian business we have decided to put our hands where our heart is: the community.

We invite you to read more about the Pancare Foundation and to raise awareness about Cancer and its consequences in our community.

You can help too!

Get involved:  Get involved » Pancare Foundation

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