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Mastering the Art of Resting

Let's talk about the right pillows for a Good Night Rest!

Getting the rest your body needs isn't just for banishing under-eye circles or improving your mood.

A good night’s rest and relaxation is crucial to your health: mentally, emotionally and physically. Many people may not realize that their pillow could be what is coming between them and a proper night’s sleep. The correct cushioning can mean all the difference in being cozy, supported, and comfortable in your slumber.

Emotional and Mental Advantages of Using the Right Pillow

Proper padding can help you to get the full hours of restful, relaxing sleep required by your body. The right amount of sleep is different for each individual, but generally, getting enough sleep can assist in memory retention, help curb inflammation, spur creativity, and even aid in longevity. When tired, you are likely to be grouchy and impatient. Getting that full eight hours of slumber can help you wake in a better mood and be more prepared to tackle the problems of the day.

People who consistently get the right amount of sleep can have better physical health, a lower risk of injury (likely because they are not distracted by being tired), more control over their weight, and sharper mental clarity.

The right pillow can be the key to relaxing contentedly, helping you to get off your feet and take the weight of the world off your shoulders. The right padding can help correct your posture, relieve back and neck pain, ease throbbing feet or varicose veins, and get your body ready to drift off into soothing slumber.

Pillows for New Mothers and Babies

Being a mom with a new bundle of joy is tough enough, but if you’re also breastfeeding, it can add extra stress to both your body and mind. Specially designed breastfeeding pillows can help position the baby properly to ensure a good latch for feeding. These pillows are typically kidney bean-shaped, with a firm spot for the baby’s head and softer cushioning for the body.

An infant pillow helps angle the baby with their head slightly higher than their body, making positioning easier for nursing and helping mom to keep her posture erect. Correct posture can ease the neck and back pain common in many breastfeeding mothers and helps to support the weight of the baby so that the mother isn’t straining her arms and shoulders while feeding the baby.

A slight angle also can help the baby to breathe easier while they nurse, since they are less likely to be overwhelmed by breast tissue if their head is tilted upward. If the mother is comfortable and the baby is latched on correctly, it can also aid in the let-down reflex to start nursing the baby. A baby feeding pillow can also help mothers who are using bottles.

Keeping the baby elevated while bottle-feeding can strain the upper back and shoulders, but an infant pillow can ease the stress that may occur in the upper back while holding the baby during a feeding. The angle on these pillows keeps the baby upright instead of flat, helping milk to go down easier and aiding in swallowing. Propping a baby up on a cushion after a feeding can also help reduce the chances of acid reflux.

breastfeeding pillow for a better rest while nursing

These maternity cushions are typically stuffed with soft padding that can be easily added to or reduced in order to accommodate all baby sizes as well as differing waist dimensions of new mothers. Many breast-feeding pillows also come with removable covers, so if spit up or a diaper blowout occurs on one of these cushions, there is no need to worry, as the cover can be taken off and tossed in the wash easily. The unique shape of a baby feeding pillow can also aid in post-partum recovery, as the soft padding helps relieve lower back pain by instigating correct posture, and the gentle padding won’t chafe or rub against any C-section scars.

Pillows for Proper Relaxation

If you’ve ever tried reading while sitting or lying in bed, you know how uncomfortable it can be. The pillows never seem to sit right, you can’t get your arms and back in the right position, and you end up straining your neck muscles as you try to maintain your posture. A backrest pillow allows you to sit upright in bed easily, but not be required to sit in one specific spot just to be relaxed. These back support pillows typically look like the top half of an armchair, with a high back and soft arm supports, but unlike an armchair, these specially designed cushions can be moved from room to room, bed to chair, or even floor to couch with ease.

A backrest pillow available in other styles and sizes can be placed on the seat or back of your office chair, keeping your posture in check even while you’re at work. Some of these back supports also feature magnetic therapy, which may help relieve pain and muscle tension and increase circulation. Whether you need full back support, an angled seating cushion to improve posture, or just small rolled padding for proper spinal alignment, these lumbar supports can help adjust your spine correctly and give structure to your lumbar region. The portable size of these backbone supporters means being able to take your padding to the office, your favourite chair at home, or even offer support on a long car trip or plane ride.

Pillows for Luxurious Comfort

Duck-down pillows are highly sought after, and it’s no surprise why. These cushions are filled with the soft, gentle down of a duck—not the feathers. Down is the cushy, fluffy batch of fur-like plumage that is taken from the undercoating geese of ducks. Unlike feather pillows, duck down pillows have no quill that will escape the support lining to jab you in your sleep, and since down padding has very little actual weight, it cradles the head and neck while also helping to align them into a proper and comfortable sleeping position.

Down also happens to be incredibly resilient. It can be scrunched, crumpled, or crushed, but easily shaken out and fluffed up to regain its original form. These types of bedding offer lavish comfort that is easily moldable and durable.

Pillow Talk for the Restless

The wide variety of pillows available means there can be a cushion for every need. Whether you’re a new mother looking for a nursing aid, a teacher looking for lumbar support, or someone just yearning for a restful slumber, the right pillow can help get you there.

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