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Less than adequate sleeping

How Less Than Adequate Sleep Can Adversely Affect Your Health And Well-being?

You may think that you can skip out on adequate sleep occasionally.

However, what you may not realise is just how damaging poor sleep can be to your body. If you find that you like to stay up late or night or you often find yourself skipping out on hours of sleep because you are too busy, you are likely hurting your health.

Your body needs to sleep every night for at least 7-8 hours in order to properly function. Here are the ways in which less than adequate sleep can adversely affect your health and well-being.

Poor Sleep Can Make You Gain Weight

Although scientists have not yet discovered the exact mechanisms for how sleep helps with weight loss, many studies have already determined that there is a link between poor sleep and obesity. Researchers have speculated that sleep interruptions can change your metabolism.

If you are not sleeping at night, you may also have the urge to snack. Nighttime snacking is an indirect result of poor sleeping habits that can also lead to weight gain. Nighttime snacking is not recommended and can actually become a habit if you find that you are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.

Poor Sleep Makes It Hard for You to Concentrate

If you are not getting enough sleep, you may find yourself suffering from lapses in your short-term memory. People who don't get enough sleep often find themselves forgetting important information, such as dates, names and other details. If you want to make sure that you can properly concentrate while you are awake, you need to get enough sleep.

Poor Sleep Makes It Harder to Fight Illness

Did you know that sleeping helps to strengthen your immune system? If you want to avoid illness that can be brought on by lack of sleep, you need to make sure that you are sleeping properly. In addition, adequate sleep can help you avoid serious illnesses such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

By strengthening your immune system, you can also reduce the time that it takes to recover from routine cold and flu germs. When you are not feeling well, don’t try to stay up late. Instead, take this time to get some extra rest so that you can get better faster.

Lower Your Stress With Adequate Sleep

If you find that you are feeling stressed out, anxious, irritable or moody, many of these behaviours can be linked to lack of sleep. If you want to lower your stress, try going to bed just a bit earlier to help you improve your well-being. If you are having trouble sleeping due to stress, consider using sleep audio tracks to help you get in the mood to sleep. You can also try creating an environment in your bedroom that will allow you to better relax before you actually fall asleep.

Sleep Helps With Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain due to an injury or disease, getting enough sleep can help to reduce inflammation by lowering your blood pressure. You should make sure that you sleep properly each night in order to get the full benefits that sleep can offer.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you find that you are not sleeping properly regularly, you may actually have a sleeping disorder. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your sleeping issues so that you can find a solution. Remember that the longer you wait to fix your sleeping problems, the higher your risk of serious illness in the future.
If you think that your sleeping problems are minor and you just need to make a few adjustments, Therapeutic Pillow can help you find the right solutions to help you get better sleep. If you are interested in learning more about what our pillows and cushions can do for you, contact us at (03) 8585­-6685.

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