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What are the Sizes of Bed Sheets in Australia?

The journey to a truly restful and rejuvenating sleep experience begins with the often-overlooked aspect of bed sheet sizing.

While the allure of soft fabrics and stylish designs is undeniable, the right fit for your mattress cannot be underestimated. Just as a puzzle piece fits seamlessly into its place, so should your bed sheets envelop your mattress with precision.

In the pursuit of exceptional sleep, don't overlook the profound influence of the right bed sheet size and depth. As you sink into your sleep haven, the gentle embrace of well-fitting sheets enhances your comfort and creates an atmosphere of true relaxation. Make the conscious choice to elevate your sleep – because when it comes to your rest, every detail matters.

It's more than just aesthetics – the right bed sheet size and depth contribute to your overall sleep comfort. Sheets that are too small can lead to tugging and pulling, creating uncomfortable creases and wrinkles that interrupt your peaceful rest. On the other hand, an oversized sheet may bunch up, leading to uneven surface areas that compromise your sleeping posture.

These tables give you the common sheet sizes (flat and fitted), doona sizes, and pillowcase sizes for a number of continents and countries. We accept no responsibility if any of these measurements are incorrect. We do however try to ensure our they are correct. If you believe there is a problem please contact us at the bottom of the page.

Australian & New Zealand sheet sizes

Mattress Sizes (width x length)
Twin Size Beds39" x 75"99 x 191 cm
King Single Bedsn/an/a
Full Size Beds54" x 75"137 x 191 cm
Queen Size Beds60" x 80"152 x 203 cm
King Size Beds78" x 80"198 x 203 cm
Doona Covers (width x length)
Twin Bed Doona Cover67" x 87"170 x 220 cm
Full Size Bed Doona Cover76" x 87"193 x 220 cm
Full/Queen Bed Size Doona Cover87" x 87"220 x 220 cm
Queen Bed Size Doona Cover87" x 90"220 x 230 cm
King Bed Size Doona Cover104" x 92"264 x 234 cm
Fitted Sheets 14" pocket depth (width x length)
Twin Bed Size Sheet39" x 75"99 x 191cm
Full Bed Size Sheet54" x 75"137 x 191 cm
Queen Bed Size Sheet60" x 80"152 x 203 cm
King Bed Size Sheet78" x 80"198 x 203 cm
Flat Sheets (width x length)
Twin Bed Size Sheet66" x 96"168 x 244 cm
Full Bed Size Sheet81" x 96"206 x 244 cm
Queen Bed Size Sheet91" x 102"231 x 259 cm
King Bed Size Sheet108" x 102"274 x 259 cm
Pillow cases / Pillow slips (width x length)
Standard Bed Size Pillowcase20" x 30"51 x 76 cm
Queen Bed Size Pillowcase20" x 34"51 x 86 cm
King Bed Size Pillowcase20" x 40"51 x 102 cm
doona and mattress

European Sheet Sizes:

Mattress Sizes (width x length)
Single Size Mattress90 x 190cm35" x 75"
Double Size Mattress140 x 190 cm55" x 75"
King Size Mattress150 x 200 cm60" x 79"
Super King Size Mattress180 x 200 cm71" x 79"
Duvet Covers (width x length)
Single Bed Size Duvet Cover145 x 200 cm57" x 79"
Double Bed Size Duvet Cover200 x 200 cm79" x 79"
King Bed Size Duvet Cover230 x 220 cm90" x 87"
Super King Duvet Cover260 x 220 cm102" x 87"
Fitted Sheets 32 cm pocket depth (width x length)
Single Bed Size Sheet90 x 190 cm35" x 75"
Double Bed Size Sheet140 x 190 cm55" x 75"
King Bed Size Sheets150 x 200 cm59" x 79"
Super King Bed Size Sheets180 x 200 cm71" x 79"
Flat Sheets (width x length)
Single Bed Size Sheet183 x 274 cm72" x 108"
Double Bed Size Sheet229 x 274 cm90" x 108"
King Bed Size Sheets274 x 297 cm108" x 117"
Super King Bed Size Sheets305 x 320 cm120" x 126"
Pillowcases/Shams (width x length)
Standard Pillowcase51 x 76 cm20" x 30"
Continental/Square Pillowcase65 x 65 cm26" x 26"

Choosing the Perfect Fit for Extra Thick Mattresses:

In the world of mattresses, diversity reigns supreme, and with it comes varying depths. For those who relish the plush embrace of extra-thick mattresses, the importance of selecting the right bed sheet depth is magnified. An ill-fitting sheet, struggling to stretch across the expanse of a deep mattress, can lead to constant readjustments, unsightly bunching, and a disrupted sleep experience. To ensure that your bedding aligns with your mattress's depth, opt for sheets specifically designed for extra-thick mattresses. This simple choice guarantees a snug fit that not only enhances the aesthetic of your bed but also complements the luxurious thickness of your sleeping surface. With proper bed sheet depth, the fusion of comfort and functionality creates a seamless sleep environment that caters to your unique preferences.

Thread Count and Fabric: Crafting a Dreamy Slumber:

While the dimensions of your bed sheets influence their fit, the thread count and fabric are the unsung heroes of a dreamy slumber. The thread count, often associated with quality, refers to the number of threads woven per square inch. It's a critical factor that determines the softness and durability of your sheets. However, the myth that higher thread counts always equate to better quality has been debunked. The sweet spot typically ranges between 300 and 800, where sheets are soft, breathable, and long-lasting.

Equally vital is the choice of fabric. Different materials offer distinct advantages – cotton, known for its breathability and natural feel, is a classic choice. Egyptian cotton, celebrated for its luxurious softness, has become synonymous with top-tier bedding. For those seeking a sleek and silky touch, satin or sateen sheets create a sumptuous sleeping surface. And let's not forget about the cooling properties of bamboo sheets, which wick away moisture and regulate temperature for a comfortable night's rest.

Of course, no bedding set is complete without a good and cozy wool quilt, especially in winter. These wool quilts can enhance your sleeping experience by keeping your body temperature right at night. Therapeutic Pillows produces authentic 100% Merino Australian Wool quilts for winter, from 300GSM to 500GSM.

Do you want to learn more? Read our Frequently Asked Questions for...

It is recommended to change your bed sheets at least once every two weeks. Bed sheets accumulate dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells over time, which can create an unhygienic sleeping environment. Regularly changing your bed sheets helps maintain cleanliness and freshness, promoting better sleep and overall well-being. However, if you have allergies, sensitive skin, or certain health conditions, it may be beneficial to change your bed sheets more frequently, such as once a week, to minimize potential irritants and allergens.

In addition to regular washing, it is important to handle bed sheets with care. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for washing and drying to maintain their quality and longevity. Consider having a spare set of bed sheets on hand, so you can easily swap them out while the others are being laundered. By keeping your bed sheets clean and fresh, you can create a comfortable and inviting sleeping environment for a restful night's sleep.

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Folding bed sheets can be a simple task if you follow these steps. First, start by laying the bed sheet flat on a clean surface, ensuring that all corners are aligned. Next, fold the sheet in half lengthwise, bringing one long side to meet the other. Smooth out any wrinkles as you go. Then, fold the sheet in half again, this time bringing the folded edge to meet the open edge. Now, you should have a long rectangle shape. Finally, fold the sheet into thirds or quarters, depending on the size of the sheet, until you achieve a neat and compact bundle. Remember to store your folded bed sheets in a dry and clean place to keep them fresh and ready for use.

In summary, to fold bed sheets, lay the sheet flat, fold it in half lengthwise and then in half again. Finally, fold it into thirds or quarters to create a tidy bundle. Storing your folded bed sheets in a clean and dry place will help maintain their freshness.

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