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Care Labels: Your Roadmap to Prolonging Pillowcase and Cover Lifespan

Caring for your fabric treasures the right way is not just about maintaining their pristine appearance; it's about preserving their quality and extending their lifespan.

Here, we offer an insightful guide to decode the mysterious symbols and instructions found on Care Labels. We emphasize the importance of meticulously reading and adhering to these labels, as they are your keys to ensuring that your beloved pillowcases, pillows, cushion covers, and more endure the test of time.

Block to Dry – Maintaining Form and Function: When you see the "Block to Dry" symbol, it's a gentle reminder to let your pillowcases and covers retain their original size and shape during the drying process. Hanging them up or laying them flat for drying can prevent unwanted distortion or shrinkage.

Cold Water – Gentle on Fibers: The symbol for "Cold Water" signifies that your fabric prefers a bath in water with a temperature of up to 30 degrees Celsius (85 degrees Fahrenheit). Cold water helps maintain the vibrancy of colours and the integrity of delicate fabrics, ensuring your pillowcases remain as beautiful as the day you first admired them.

Delicate Cycle / Gentle Cycle – A Soft Touch: For those who own pillowcases with delicate embroidery or intricate patterns, the "Delicate Cycle" or "Gentle Cycle" instruction is a lifesaver. This setting on your washing machine employs slow agitation and reduced washing time, preserving the fabric's integrity. If you'd rather take the manual route, consider washing these items by hand for the utmost care.

Do Not Bleach – Protecting Fabric Integrity: The "Do Not Bleach" symbol is a clear message to avoid any type of bleach, which can weaken fibres and lead to premature fabric breakdown. Opt for gentle, bleach-free detergents to safeguard the quality of your pillowcases and covers.

Dry Clean Only – Leave It to the Pros: When you encounter the "Dry Clean Only" label, it's best to heed the advice. Entrust your precious fabric possessions to the capable hands of professional dry cleaners. Their expertise ensures that your items are cleaned with the utmost care, maintaining their pristine condition.

Drip Dry – Gentle Air Drying: "Drip Dry" signals that it's time to hang your pillowcases and covers, allowing them to air dry naturally. Avoid the harsh heat of an automatic dryer, which can be detrimental to delicate fabrics.

Machine Wash – Convenience at Your Fingertips: The "Machine Wash" label gives you the green light to wash your items with ease. Simply follow the provided instructions, including water temperature and cycle settings, to keep your pillowcases clean and fresh.

Steam Iron – Wrinkle-Free Elegance: The "Steam Iron" symbol tells you that it's safe to use a steam iron. This can be a game-changer for keeping your pillowcases and cushion covers looking polished and wrinkle-free.

Tumble Dry – Effortless Drying: When the "Tumble Dry" symbol graces your label, you can entrust your items to the convenience of an automatic dryer. Just ensure you follow the recommended temperature settings or opt for a "no heat" or "air dry" setting when possible.

Wash Separately – Guarding Against Color Transfer: "Wash Separately" is a reminder to launder your items on their own or with similar colours. This precautionary step minimizes the risk of colour bleeding or fading, preserving the pristine appearance of your pillowcases and covers.

These are the other most important warnings you find on labels:

Block to Dry Maintain original size and shape while drying.
Cold Water Water with a temperature of up to 30 degrees C or 85 degrees F.
Cold Wash / Rinse Use cold water or set the washing machine for cold water.

Damp Wipe Clean the surface with a damp cloth or sponge. Do not machine wash or dry.
Delicate Cycle /Gentle Cycle Use appropriate machine settings with slow agitation and spin and reduced washing time. Or, wash by hand.
Do Not Bleach Do not use bleach of any type.
Do Not Dry Clean Use recommended care instructions. Dry cleaning chemicals should not be used.
Do Not Iron Do not iron or press with heat.
Do Not Spin Remove the garment before the spin cycle begins.
Do Not Use Chlorine Bleach Do not use chlorine bleach. Oxygen bleaches may be used.
Do Not Wring Hang dry, drip dry or flat dry only. Handle to prevent wrinkling and damage or distortion of the fabric.
Drip Dry Hang wet and allow to dry with hand shaping only.
Dry Clean Only Garment should be dry cleaned only, including self-service dry cleaning.
Dry Flat Lay the garment horizontally flat on a breathable surface to dry. Do not use an automatic dryer.

Hand Wash Launder only by hand in lukewarm (hand-comfortable) water. May be bleached. May be dry-cleaned.
Hand Wash Only Launder only by hand in lukewarm (hand-comfortable) water. May be bleached. Do not dry clean.
Hand Wash Separately Launder by hand in lukewarm (hand-comfortable water alone or with like colours. May be bleached. Do not dry clean.
Home Launder Only Wash, bleach, dry and press by any customary method. Dry cleaning chemicals should not be used.
Hot Wash Use hot water or set the washing machine to hot water.

Iron Cool Set iron at the lowest setting.
Iron Damp Dampen garment before ironing.
Iron Hot Set iron at the hot or hottest setting.
Iron Wrong Side Only Turn the garment inside out to iron.
Line Dry Hang damp and allow to dry. Do not dry in an automatic dryer

Machine Wash Wash, bleach, dry and press by any customary method, including commercial laundering and dry cleaning. If no temperature is specified, water up to 60 degrees C. can be used.
No Heat When drying, choose the "no heat" or "air dry" setting on your automatic dryer. Or, air dry without a machine.

Permanent Press Use the appropriate machine setting with warm wash, cool rinse and reduced spin cycle.
Professionally Dry Clean Only Use the services of a licensed, professional dry cleaner only. Do not use self-service dry cleaning.
Remove Promptly Tumble dry. In the absence of a cool-down cycle, remove at once when tumbling stops.

Steam Iron Iron or press with steam.
Tumble Dry Dry in a tumble dryer at a specified setting. If no temperature is specified, a hot setting may be used.

Warm Iron Set iron at medium setting.
Warm Wash / Rinse Use warm water or a warm washing machine setting.
Warm Water Water with a temperature that is "Hand-comfortable".
Wash Inside Out Turn the garment inside out before washing to protect the fabric.
Wash Separately Wash alone or with like colours.

For more information about Australian Regulations on Care Labels, read more at Product Safety Australia. If you require help with washing instructions for our products, contact our friendly Customer Service at (+61) 03 8585 6685

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