Heat Therapy

Experience Natural Relief with Australian-Made Lupin Heat Packs

Heat therapy is a time-tested method to soothe muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation. It increases blood flow to the affected area, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen that help speed up recovery and enhance muscle performance. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often use heat therapy to prevent injuries and aid muscle recovery after intense physical activities. By regularly incorporating heat pads into your routine, you can enjoy the benefits of improved muscle and joint health while easing tension and discomfort.

Lupin Heat Packs: Australian-Made and All-Natural

Our Lupin heat packs offer an eco-friendly and effective alternative to traditional wheat bags and heat pads. Handmade in Australia using 100% natural Australian lupin grains, these heat packs provide therapeutic hot or cold therapy for muscles and joints. Lupin packs are allergy and odour-free, and they are not treated with any chemicals or fungicides. They can be quickly heated in the microwave or frozen in the freezer to suit your needs. 

Versatile Range of Heat Therapy Products for Targeted Pain Relief

We offer a variety of lupin heat pack shapes and sizes designed to address specific muscle and joint concerns. Our flat heat bags and body pillows are excellent for relieving tension in the legs, arms, or back, while our neck & shoulder wrap provides targeted relief for upper back discomfort. For those experiencing lower back or hand pain, our back heat wrap and hand mitts are the perfect solutions. 

Quality, Australian-Made Heat Packs for a Healthier You

All our Lupin heat pads are 100% Australian-made and designed in consultation with Australian health professionals to support proper spinal alignment and provide therapeutic benefits for various health conditions. Whether you're dealing with neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, overheating, night sweats, migraines, sleep apnea, or snoring, our range of heat therapy products can help you sleep better and feel better. 

Pure Australian Cotton Heat Pack Slips for Added Comfort and Hygiene

To enhance your heat therapy experience, we offer Heat Pack Slips made from pure Australian-grown cotton. These slips provide a soft, breathable, and comfortable barrier between your skin and the Lupin heat pack, ensuring a pleasant and soothing therapy session. The high-quality cotton slips not only add an extra layer of luxury to your heat therapy routine but also help maintain hygiene by keeping your Lupin heat packs clean and protected. Easily removable and machine washable, the cotton slips make it simple to keep your heat therapy products fresh and ready for use whenever you need them. By choosing our Australian-made Heat Pack Slips, you're investing in both comfort and durability while supporting local industries and sustainable practices.

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