wedge cover, cushion cover
wedge cover, cushion cover
wedge cover, cushion cover
wedge cover, cushion cover
wedge cover, cushion cover
wedge cover, cushion cover
wedge cover, cushion cover
wedge cover, cushion cover
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Country of Manufacture Australia
Accessory Cover / Steri-Plus / Medical Green
Dimensions 40 x 42 x 0.5 cm
Country of Manufacture Australia
Accessory Cover / Dura-Fab / Grey
Dimensions 40 x 42 x 0.5 cm
NDIS Registered Provider
Australian Spinal Research Foundation Supporter
TAC Product Provider
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Add a Seat Cover to your Posture Wedge and Extend it life for years to come.

The use of a seat cover significantly enhances the lifespan of your seat cushion by providing a layer of protection against everyday wear and tear, spills, and potential stains. It acts as a safeguard for your cushion, maintaining its aesthetic appearance and structural integrity, and ultimately saving you the cost and hassle of replacing the entire cushion prematurely.

The Posture Wedge Replacement Cover comes in two material options - Steri-Plus and Dura-Fab, each providing unique benefits that cater to different needs.

The Steri-Plus cover is particularly beneficial for those concerned with hygiene and cleanliness. Steri-Plus is a specialty fabric that is robustly designed to be moisture and bacteria-resistant.

This Seat Cushion Cover makes it an excellent choice for those who are prone to incontinence or spills, as it not only provides a barrier against liquids but also prevents the growth of bacteria that can result in unpleasant odours or stains. This material is easy to clean and can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth and sanitizer, making it a low-maintenance choice.

On the other hand, Durafab, as its name suggests, is focused on durability. This fabric is tough, long-lasting, and designed to withstand extended use without showing signs of wear. However, it doesn't compromise on comfort.

Dura-Fab is soft to the touch, ensuring that the seat remains pleasant to use even over extended periods. This makes it an ideal choice for those who use their Posture Wedge extensively and want a material that can endure daily use while still providing a comfortable seating experience.

By selecting a Posture Wedge Replacement Cover in either Steri-Plus or Dura-Fab, you'll be not only ensuring the longevity of your cushion but also tailoring its function to best suit your lifestyle and needs.

The ergonomically designed Posture Wedge is an orthopaedic cushion that not only promotes a correct pelvic tilt of 9 degrees but also reduces pressure on lumbar discs

It is specifically designed to combat lower back pain and poor posture, helping to alleviate nerve pressure in the mid back area. 

Ideally suited for home office chairs, car seats, or any conventional seating, this medium-sized cushion is made from 100% open cell urethane foam and is proudly 100% Australian made. With the addition of the Poly/Cotton Over Slip, you can further maximise the cushion's benefits and durability.

Australian Made

Proudly Australian Made & Owned.

Our products are expertly crafted in Australia by Therapeutic Pillows, our family-owned and operated business, celebrating 50 years of excellence. We adhere to world-class manufacturing, health, and safety standards, showcasing our commitment to quality as a proud Australian-owned company.

Designed by health professionals

Designed by Health Professionals

We consult with Australian Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Naturopaths to design therapeutic products that provide relief from discomfort caused by a range of health conditions.

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12 Jun 2019
Fast Delivery Australia Wide

Fast Delivery
Australia Wide

Designed and Recommended by Health Professional

Designed and Recommended
by Health Professional

Rated 5 Stars on Feefo in 2021

Rated 5 Stars on
Feefo in 2021

Registered NDIS provider

Registered NDIS

95% of our Products Made in Australia

95% of our Products
Made in Australia

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