Sleep Apnea & Snoring Pillows

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Pillows

While no pillow can absolutely cure snoring, a purpose-designed pillow can make a big difference. Our range of specialised snore-reducing pillows and sleep apnea pillows are designed to encourage side sleeping in order to align the neck and spine to provide anatomical support and keep the airways open. This position encourages clear and consistent unobstructed breathing patterns.   


Sleep Better and Reduce Snoring with our Anti-Snoring Pillows

Snoring is an extremely common problem, affecting approximately 775,000 Australians. It is estimated that around 40% of men and 30% of women aged 40-70 years are habitual snorers.

Not only is snoring annoying to those around you, but it also impacts sleep quality which can have a serious impact on physical and mental health.

Frequent snoring can lead to sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder where breathing stops, then starts frequently throughout the night. Dangerous to you, and highly disruptive to your partner, sleep apnea is a serious disorder that is often dismissed as snoring and left untreated.

For users of CPAP machines, we have a CPAP pillow, specifically designed to alleviate mask and nozzle pressure to the face. The Easy Breather Pillow frees up the air hose, improves airway alignment and keeps the mask in place, making wearing a CPAP mask much more comfortable. 

Australian Made Pillows. Designed by Health Professionals

All our snoring pillows are 100% Australian-made and designed in consultation with Australian health professionals to improve snoring while helping with the correct alignment of your spine. 

Our pillow range can accommodate all types of sleepers. If you are a side sleeper (the recommended sleeping position) or prefer to sleep on your back, we have a contoured pillowbody pillow, or speciality pillow to meet your unique needs. Tummy sleeping is not recommended due to the stress it places on your neck and spine. We suggest trying one of our contoured pillows designed to encourage side sleeping to see if you can make the switch, however, if this is not an option, our range of low-profile and adjustable pillows can help to minimise the issues associated with tummy sleeping. 

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