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Cover 100% Cotton
Inner100% Australian Grown Lupins
Country of ManufactureAustralia
Australian Spinal Research Foundation Supporter
NDIS Registered Provider
TAC Product Provider

Spot clean as required with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Do not dry clean, do not immerse in water and do not tumble dry.

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Australian-Made lupin heat hand mitt for aching hands and arthritis

A specially designed lupin heat pack to ease arthritic and aching hands utilising the natural power of heat therapy.

You’ll love the benefits of the Lupin hand mitt:

    • A hand mitt heat pad that soothes arthritic hands
    • Assists with poor circulation and Reynaud’s Syndrome
    • Easy to heat in the microwave
    • Freeze and use as a cold pack
    • Odour and allergen free
    • 100% natural cotton corduroy cover
    • Handmade in Australia from 100% natural Australian lupins
    • Chemical and fungicide free
    • A better heat retainer than traditional wheat bag / heat packs
    • One simple size fits all

All-natural heat therapy has many therapeutic benefits including:

  • Alleviates arthritis in the hands.
  • Increases blood flow and circulation to the hands.
  • Alleviates muscle and joint soreness.
  • Reduces tension build-up.
  • Aids in muscle repair and pain relief.
  • Stress reduction

100% Australian: Our Natural Lupin Hand Heat Pack is made of 100% Australian Lupins and Australian Cotton

Australian lupin is Australia's most widely grown crop and has a dynamic range of uses for human consumption. Using pure natural Australian lupin grain and pure Australian-grown cotton, we can design and create an Australian-made heat pack for therapeutic heat therapy right at home.

Natural lupin grain is perfect for microwaving to heat as a microwave heat-pack wheat bag substitute. Rather than using wheat to make wheat packs and wheat bags, we choose to use pure Australian lupin grain as it retains temperatures, both heat and cool, better and for longer.

Natural Australian Lupin Heat packs are the best heat packs for heat therapy. Rather than wheat packs, lupin heat packs retain temperatures the best and last longer than traditional wheat packs! The natural Australian lupin heat packs have a greater lifespan and will reheat faster for longer than conventional wheat packs.

Natural healing

Lupins are widely regarded as a “low allergy” alternative to wheat and are more resistant to moisture (to make cleaning easier) and less weight for more comfort.

Therapeutic Pillow & Thera-med has the most comprehensive range of 100% natural lupin heat packs. Our heat packs are hand made in Australia so you can trust the quality from the harvesting of the lupin grain, all the way to the final stitch on the corduroy cover.

100% Australian Natural Lupins - The finest choice for heat packs

Our Natural Lupin Heat Packs with their gentle penetrating heat or cold, go deep into the muscles to help nature with the act of natural healing. By simply warming the heat pack in the microwave or chilling it in the freezer, the natural lupin grains will assist to sooth aches, pains, stress and hot flushes. Natural heat therapy for a natural healing process.


Naturally effective healing

Lupins are widely regarded as a “low allergy” alternative to wheat, are odourless, more resistant to moisture (to make cleaning easier).
Natural Lupin Pack - Hand Mitt

Deep heat penetration

Our Lupin Heat Packs penetrate gentle heat or cold deep into the muscles to help with the act of natural healing.
Natural Lupin Pack - Hand Mitt

Retain temperature longer, to enjoy life

Australian lupin grain performs better than wheat as it retains temperatures, both heat and cool, better and for longer. Simply microwave or freeze to suit your needs.
Australian made and owned

Proudly Australian made & owned

Our Lupin Heat Packs are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian family owned and run company, using the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.
Designed by health professionals

Designed by health professionals

We consult with Australian chiro’s, physio’s, osteo’s and naturopaths to design therapeutic products that provide relief from discomfort caused by a range of health conditions.

See What 5000+ Customers Are Saying

Service Rating : Had no problem with service.

Brought online, fast delivery

Product : The glove is heavy and it is uncomfortable and hard on the inside. It could be a bit lighter and softer on the inside.
The reason why we brought this glove was to help my wife who suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in her hand and we would hope it could give her pain relief by warming her cold hand up? But she cannot wear it due to the weight and the uncomfortable feeling inside.
For someone who dosent have CRPS, "which is a terrible condition" this may be good them to warm up their hands or relive pain ?

09 Aug 2023

Service Rating : helpful and warm

Product : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

20 Jul 2023

Service Rating : Prompt delivery and easy ordering process for a quality product

Product : Does the job well but a little heavy.

11 Jul 2023
Fast Delivery Australia Wide

Fast Delivery
Australia Wide

Designed and Recommended by Health Professional

Designed and Recommended
by Health Professional

Rated 5 Stars on Feefo in 2021

Rated 5 Stars on
Feefo in 2021

Registered NDIS provider

Registered NDIS

95% of our Products Made in Australia

95% of our Products
Made in Australia

Questions & Answers

They just come as a single. People have purchased previously 2 at a time to use together but can be a little awkward trying to get them both on at once.
The mitt is a single and can be used on either your right or left hand. They are a little bit awkward to use two at once to be honest so just warming each hand individually is the best way to go.
The warming mitt is quite a tight fit and if there is no mobility it might be a bit difficult to put on. Perhaps one of the other product might be better just to sit on top.
The yellow legume seeds of lupins, commonly called lupin beans, were popular with the Romans, who spread the plant's cultivation throughout the Roman Empire. Lupin or Lupini Beans are yellow legume seeds of the lupinus genus plant, and were once a common food of the Mediterranean basin and Latin America.
The lupin hand mitt is 30cm deep and approx 16cm wide over the wrist.
All seed tend to have an odour when heated up. Lupin can have a slight smell of popcorn.
Sponge your lupin bag lightly with lukewarm water to remove surface marks, being careful not to saturate product. Hang up to dry as soon as possible. When cover is dry, rub lupin bag briskly between your hands to ensure grains are dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash. Do not immerse.
We recommend that you initially just heat for periods of 30 seconds, checking the product each time and flipping it over. Once you have tried this a few times you can put it on for longer periods until you get to your required heat. It is important not to heat for too long in the one position at the start as each microwave has different amounts of power and heating rates. Lupin are a natural product and like any natural product will damage if heated to long.
While wheat is the traditional filler for a heat bag, we have found that lupin is lighter and maintains its heat longer than wheat, thus giving you a longer lasting product. Through our lab testing we have found that our lupin heat bags stay warmer for longer than traditional wheat bags. Our lupin heat packs are also 30% lighter than traditional wheat heat bags which means less pressure on your body.
The lupin hand mitts are 30cm deep and 16cms wide over the wrist.
No, they are quite large and heavy. Suitable for when sitting or resting.
Yes, you can but just have on a low heat and put the product on a teatowell and keep a very close eye on it obviously.
The mitts are one-size-fits-all and can be flipped over to change which hand you are using them for. Please also note that the heat pack pricing advertised on the website is for x1 heat packs. If you are wanting one for each hand you will need to purchase two.
The mitts are sold individually and you will need to purchase 2 if you require them to be sued at the same time on both hands. The dimensions are:top to bottom - 27cmacross - 14cm

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