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How do heat packs work?

Some heat packs work by utilizing a chemical reaction to generate heat. These packs typically contain a mixture of ingredients such as iron powder, salt, and activated carbon. When the pack is exposed to air or shaken, the iron powder oxidizes, releasing heat as a byproduct. This process is known as an exothermic reaction. The salt and activated carbon help to speed up the reaction and enhance heat production. Once activated, the heat pack can provide warmth for a specific duration, usually several hours, making it a convenient and portable solution for keeping warm in cold weather or soothing sore muscles.

Other Heat packs use more friendly and ecological materials such as lupin grains. These grains do not degrade over time and can be heated using a microwave, slowly releasing heat to ease the discomfort in the applied areas. These are the best option when it comes to an ecological and safer option for heat packs.

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