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Parnham Group Donates to the Bayley House

Melbourne, Australia – June 2024 – The Parnham Group, a family-owned Australian business, proudly announces the successful collaboration with Bayley House and generous donors, raising an impressive $120,000 at a recent charity dinner to establish a state-of-the-art Multimedia Recording Studio. This initiative exemplifies the Parnham Group's steadfast commitment to giving back to the community and supporting local organisations that make a significant impact.

Changing Lives since 1951

Bayley House, a renowned institution with a rich history, has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities since its inception in 1951. Over the decades, Bayley House has evolved to provide a wide array of programs and services aimed at fostering independence, skill development, and community integration for its clients. The organization’s mission is to empower individuals to live full and enriching lives, tailored to their unique abilities and aspirations.

The charity dinner saw an outpouring of support from attendees and donors alike, with contributions from the Parnham Group playing a role in reaching the fundraising goal. The funds raised will directly contribute to the creation of the new Multimedia Recording Studio, significantly bolstering Bayley House's recording and visual media programs. These programs are crucial in enabling clients to express themselves creatively, develop new skills, and build confidence through various multimedia projects.

Brett Parnham, Director of the Parnham Group, expressed his enthusiasm to collaborate: “We are incredibly proud of Bayley House and the overwhelming support and generosity from the community that made this initiative a reality. The success of this fundraising effort reflects the strong sense of community and shared values that we cherish at the Parnham Group. Bayley House's dedication to enhancing the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities aligns perfectly with our values, and we are thrilled to support the development of this innovative facility.”

Bayley House has long been a beacon of hope and support for individuals with intellectual disabilities, offering programs that include educational courses, creative arts, recreational activities, and life skills training. The new Multimedia Recording Studio will further these efforts by providing a modern space where clients can explore the realms of music, video production, and other forms of digital media, opening up new avenues for personal growth and expression.

Bayley House
It was a successful night to raise funds for the Bayley House.

Continued Support for Bayley House

While the initial fundraising goal has been achieved, ongoing support is vital to ensure the sustainability and enhancement of Bayley House's programs. We invite you to continue contributing to this worthy cause. Your donations will further empower individuals with intellectual disabilities to unlock their creative potential and share their stories with the world.

Donate today and help us continue to make a lasting impact: Donate Here

For more information about Bayley House and its incredible work, please visit Bayley House.

About Parnham Group

The Parnham Group is a proudly Australian family-owned business committed to excellence and community support. With a strong focus on corporate social responsibility, the Parnham Group strives to make a positive impact through various philanthropic initiatives, embodying the philosophy of giving back to the community.

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